At a certain point in your life, it’s normal to feel a shift in your priorities, whether it’s a sudden change you want to happen or an instance when you pinpoint a feeling that has been at the back of your mind for some time. When you’re younger, you don’t mind the hustle and bustle of a busy city but once you reach the age of having a family of your home, an apartment or townhouse in the city can feel practically claustrophobic. It’s also easy to feel a little lost in the city, where it can get impersonal and alienating at times. It’s that feeling that make people want to finally take that step and move out of the city into country living.

It’s very much the reason some families are moving out of cities like Auckland and Hamilton and into Te Kauwhata, a small town located in between the two cities on the north of Waikato region. It’s the perfect location for young families who want the best of both worlds – leaving the city in order to raise young children in the ideal environment of wide, open spaces and a close knit neighbourly community. People are seeing the appeal of the country lifestyle that Te Kauwhata can offer, where bigger houses and land are more affordable and offer better value when it comes to the lifestyle it can afford young families.

Te Kauwhata is an idyllic yet prestigious town immersed in vineyards and dairy farmlands and is growing rapidly to accommodate the families moving in from nearby Auckland. Subdivisions are surrounded by wine vineyards and lush green landscapes, and it all feels like a breathe of fresh air compared to the city. What’s more is there’s a strong sense of community from the townspeople, where it seems like everyone has a welcome smile and volunteer cause for the town. If you’ve come to escape from the city, life in Te Kauwhata is exactly what you might be needing.