For families moving into the town of Te Kauwhata, one primary concern and need for them, other than finding and settling into a new home, is where to send their children for their education. As a small town experiencing a sudden boom from the influx of families moving out of the nearby cities of Auckland and Hamilton, catering to its new residents’ needs for their children is of utmost concern. Luckily, Te Kauwhata is equipped to handle the school situation and with the continuing growth of the community, school organisations and facilities will also only get better.

There are a number of suitable schools in the area of Te Kauwhata, and a lot of them are especially geared towards young children, making the town fairly self-sufficient in providing educational facilities. These are varying in terms of student ages and roll sizes, and being set in a prestigious country side village like Te Kauwhata, this offers a lovely environment to raise and educate children in. A great sense of community is also instilled at an early age, along with exposure to nature that children from cities don’t have in their traditional schools.

Here are some of the school options that families can look into when moving into TK:
  1. There are several facilities that cater to toddlers and younger children such as Suits & Gumboots Country Daycare found on Waerenga Rd,  Te Kauwhata Playcentre and Te Kauwhata Childcare and Learning Centre, both found on Mahi Rd.
  2. For primary school, Te Kauwhata Primary on Wira Street is found in the middle of the town and caters to Year 1 through 6 students. On the other hand, there is the Waerenga School, which is smaller and is found on Taniwha Rd. Another primary school that is open for students in Years 1 to 8 is found outside of town, about 15 minutes or 7 kilometres away in the nearby town of Huntly. Ohinewai School has a roll of about 100 to 120 students and has a special needs room.
  3. For older students, Te Kauwhata College is open to students from Year 7 to 13 with a roll of just under 500 students. It’s a Decile 5 high school with a curriculum that is supported by an extensive Education Outside the Classroom (EOTC). One of its strengths is offering a sense of whanau or community and belonging to its students.