There are several cities and areas in New Zealand that have experienced unexpected growth and population boom in recent years, which has naturally led these areas to a rise in housing and real estate properties. One such area now is Te Kauwhata, a small town of expansive dairy farmlands situated in the north of the Waikato region. It’s the same region that houses New Zealand’s small wine-producing lands, making Te Kauwhata, or TK as the locals call it, seem like a quaint prestigious village that exemplifies country living at its finest. And that might just be the exact reason why it’s so popular these days.

With people getting more and more disenchanted with city living, young families and retirees have been moving out of the nearby cities of Auckland and Hamilton and finding new communities to be a part of in Te Kauwhata. Here you can get the best of both worlds – living in the peaceful countryside community of TK that is perfect for raising families, while still having access to the city. People from TK often commute to their work in other cities, with Auckland an hour away to the north via State Highway 1 and Hamilton located a little closer down south in the opposite direction. Location can be a crucial factor when moving into a different area and again, the proximity to the city scores well for the small town.

But within Te Kauwhata itself, there are plenty to do and with the town continuously growing, the amenities are only going to get better. It’s especially great for active and sporty people who’d enjoy a game in the golf course, along with rugby and football fields and squash courts and cricket pitches. In the town as well is a community fitness centre equipped with a gym and swimming pool and a bowling green outside. There’s also a nearby motorsport park Hampton Downs that’s perfect for families to enjoy. If fitness and active sports aren’t really up to your speed, there’s a library available too and it actually has won an award for its innovative architectural design.

The main reason also for TK’s sudden popularity would be the availability of very affordable houses. Adding that to the curbside appeal of clean country living, it just might be the reason that city dwellers have been investing and moving into this beautiful and prestigious village town.