When you live so long in a busy city, there would most likely come a time in your life when you’ll find yourself stressed out just by going outside, inhaling the smog from your backyard (if you have one) and hearing a cacophony of noises coming from everywhere. It’s no wonder then that you’ll wish you could finally take that step and move out of the city into an ideal place where you and your family could live in peace.

That may just be the exact reason why families have been moving to Te Kauwhata from nearby cities like Auckland and Hamilton. Its location is perfect since it is both far away and close enough – at enough of a distance that you get away from the rushed and polluted city living while still being close enough to be able to work and commute there.

Being tucked away just off State Highway 1, which connects Te Kauwhata to both Auckland and Hamilton on either direction (just an hour away for both cities), it can become your next dream neighbourhood. These are prime real estate properties that are attainable and set in a family-friendly community that is an hour away from your job in the city, which means you can have the best of both worlds. Te Kauwhata or “TK” for short as the locals call it, is full of sprawling open spaces surrounded by wine growing areas, dairy farms, horticulture and Waikato’s largest lake, Lake Waikare, which is found at the southeast area of Te Kauwhata.

Nearby city dwellers have been taking advantage of the boom in TK to find themselves 3-bedroom houses for the same amount that they’d probably pay for a small apartment in Auckland. Not only are the houses priced more affordably, it’s set in an idyllic village life with full amenities. It’s definitely a great place to raise a family with its wide green spaces, nearby schools and a friendly community that always welcomes new faces into their fold.